What can a cell phone signal booster antenna do for you? We’re glad you asked. Basically, it takes what little signal may be in the area and amplifies it or makes it greater. Therefore, you are able to make calls in the valley where it used to cut out or near the top of the mountain where you couldn't find any bars at all. There are many settings that a cell phone signal booster will work in. The Geeks have had many calls for people who have large properties on the country side. A couple customers have installed a cell phone antenna in there barn, so that they can receive calls while they are out tending the horses and other animals. We have had numerous calls from warehouse managers who need better reception in their warehouses. And even loyal customers who are constantly on the road and need strong signal wherever they may be. In all of these situations, a cell phone booster has been able to solve their problem. It is absolutely frustrating when you’re on the phone and you go through a tunnel and you lose the call half way through the tunnel. Meanwhile, you were still talking and pouring out your heart, only to emerge from the tunnel to find you were talking to yourself. Trust us, The Geeks know all about that. The Geeks know that the process of figuring out which cell phone signal booster antenna is right for your situation and the area that you want to cover. We have put together some literature to better educate you and we make ourselves available 24/7 through email at: or by phone Monday through Friday 8am-4pm PST at: 1-877-433-5793. Let the Geeks customer support team help you find the perfect cell phone booster for you and remember! You got it from A Geek.

Hey guys Camera Geek here from showing you today universal antenna page here on our website. Here you will be able to find universal antenna just like that name suggest but antenna for cell phones are specifically needed to boost the signal. Let's say that you're in of very rural parts of the United States or wherever you may be and you don't get a lot of good cell phone service in your home or maybe you’re in a high-rise or in a warehouse, they typically tend to have poor cell phone signals.

Or you might be off the beaten path and in your RV, your car, or in your boat and you not getting very good cell phone signal, something like universal antenna would be perfect for you. you'd be will boost your signal get a clear cell phone call and you know you be will to keep yourself safe from whole bunch different situations, especially if you do live off the beaten path or you are traveling in the wilderness something really bad could happen to you hopefully not, knocking on wood, case but it be optimal to have very good cell phone service and if you experience poor cell phone service because of the parts of the world that you're in then having one of these boosters or universal antenna to boost your cell phone sit signal would be perfect. The reason why we still do sell universal antenna it because these are one of the reasons why Accessory Geeks was founded. Our CEO saw that not a lot of retailers were focusing on signal boosting antennas so he decided to change that and start selling himself and it really is a very smart idea if you do live somewhere away from society that has a lot of cell phone service or if you are working in a warehouse or underground or in a high-rise, so you not always getting very good self service, getting a signal boosting antenna would be perfect for you. Alright guys if you have anymore questions in regards of the the universal cell phone antennas that we have here on this page or if you have a question about any the items that we sell here at please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1866 geeks 93 or you can contact us via Livechat, Facebook or email. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4 PM Pacific standard time and is always there is free shipping to the US and Canada. this been Camera Geek guys and remember you got it from a Geek!