Apple iPad 2 Silicone Cases / Skins

iPad 2 Skins Buyer's Guide Hey guys this is Mario from and welcome to Apple iPad 2 Silicone Case section. We also call it skin case over here. As you can see we have plenty of selection over here ranging form $15 and up, different variety from famous brands like Kroo, Macally, and LUXMO. LUXMO is a very good partner of ours and Speck. I personally like these Speck cases because it does look like it is you know a case for a kid and I know a lot of parents actually buy the iPad 2 to entertain their kids or educate their kids with the apps so you know you want to protect the iPad 2 because kids generally play around a little rough with electronic devices so these are actually pretty cool because it has a grip on the side. It also acts as a stand you can actually you know put it— stand I actually seen a couple of these at work. It was pretty cool not only for the aesthetics. Functionality that protects your iPad 2 you know I mean obviously you do not want to drop your iPad 2 but then it does happen. You know sometimes accidents happen and you have, when you have it protected it gives you that piece of mind and for $15 and up and you are protecting something that cost about $600 and up that is not a bad deal at all and not only that since it is so cheap you can buy more than 1 and you can change it everyday when you tried to show it off to your coworkers or your friends. You know protecting your phone please because it does help you know some of you might like the original feel of that I got two you know because I don't know it is white or it is the black one. You are like oh it is so shiny. Once you protect your iPad 2 it is I don't know I had phones that droped from my pockets or backpacks and it is not pretty so you should protect your iPad 2 with the skin cases. The difference between the skin cases and the hard covers is just basically on materials they do the exact same thing, but these skin cases are generally more rubbery so it has a better grip but it is also not as hard as the hard covers. So there you go please protect your iPad 2 it is too beautiful to be cracked I guess. And this is Mario from Accessory Geeks. You got it from a geek!092611 iPad 2 Silicone Case