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iPad Accessories Buyer's Guide Welcome to the iPad Accessories section. Over here you can see that we have hundreds and hundreds of different ipad Accessories. We have silicone skins, plastic covers, a case that also works as a holder for your kids, it kinda looks like a tv now pretty cool. We have Hello Kitty iPad Cases. Let me start off with the menu itself. We made this for your convenience so you can easily select the iPad accessories that you are looking for. Here we have the cases for the iPad accessories. Even among the iPad cases we have a lot more within the section itself. As you can see we have a huge selection of iPad cases. From wood cases to rubber silicone skins, to plastic covers with designs. These are made by famous brands like Speck, Incipio, and Otterbox. We have our exclusive Aegis brand here. We have Trident and Macally iPad Accessories. We also have bundled ipad accessories, if you are bored with one case and what a couple more cases you can buy it at a cheaper price. While viewing the case section for iPad accessories, you saw the plastic covers in their own section, these add uniqueness to your ipad. If you have this hello kitty case, you will stand out a bit as you can't get this everywhere. It also helps protect your iPad as they are not that bulky but it protects your iPad from light scratches and light drops. I emphasize light because if you drop your iPad from 20 feet high it will break. Let's take a look at the silicone skins here, have hundreds and hundreds of cases. If we take a look at the charms here, these are universal you can always attach them to your cell phone. The most important thing is chargers. The iPad is meant to be portable, and you'll be needing a portable charger for the home or office, your summer house these are all the chargers that are compatible. Of course you're also going to need headsets and speakers, these are universal with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. I personally love skullcandy, I like their design and branding. We also have Belkin, Kicker, novelty candy comfort headsets, we also have receyclebale speakers, you build them yourself and they are fun to play with and the quality is not bad at all. Here we have holders and stands, if you watch movies on Netflix with your ipad you wil want a mount. Here we have a car mount, I haven't seen this one before but it looks pretty cool. The iBallz are there for protection. If you drop it, it will hit the balls themselves and not the ipad. We actually tested these and our iPad's survived with no dents whatsoever. Just mobile is pretty cool, they look eccentric compared to the other stands. If you prefer the sturdy stands, I've used this stand at work and while bulky, it is very struday and wont move. Most importantly, we have screen protectors for the iPad. This is one of the most important iPad accessories ever made. It doesn't matter what brand you choose, it is up to your preference. These are meant to protect your screen, and I don't see any reason why you shouldn't get it. This is a touch screen, and you will be touching it constantly with your finger and nail. You want to protect your investment, and you can protect your $500+ item with a screen protector that is $7 which is not bad at all. If you scratch your screen and have to fix it may cost hundreds of dollars to fix that small scratch. Also we have other iPad Accessories, such as stylus. Some people prefer using a stylus instead of their finger with their iPad. We also have keyboards, and we have a remote control that turns your iPad into a remote control and other bundled iPad accessories here. Hopefully this video helps you make a better purchasing decision at accessorygeeks.com. Remember that you got it from a geek.. iPad Accessories
Hey, what's up guys, this is JChun Geek here with AccessoryGeeks.com. And, who out there still has Ipad 1st generation? It's kind of hard finding accessories for at this time since all those new ones have come out. Not to worry, we got you guys covered. We have everything from cases, chargers, screen protectors, everything that you pretty much need for your Apple Ipad 1st generation, and just pretty much of one stop shop here. We also have free shipping on top of that as well, so, definitely take advantage of that. And, you know we have a huge selection even though the Ipad 1st generation is a little bit outdated. We still try to carry accessories, because we know a lot of you guys still have it out there. So, we still carry your brand names, your crystal silicone cases, your regular silicone cases, plastic cases, OtterBox cases. We still have all of that here for you guys to choose from. It may have been a handmade down, but hey, still it's an Ipad right? A lot of people still don't have Ipads. So, definitely be grateful, and you know it's still an expensive device, so definitely want to keep it covered, protected and want to show off a little bit of your personality on top of that, as well. We have a lot of different design cases and we have it all for low, low price, so, take advantage of that. Also again of our free shipping to within the US and Canada. And take your pick. And also, if you plan to have it down with somebody else, you can get one of these cases and it will make great gift and we have everything that you're looking for. Again, cases, chargers, wall charger, adapters, we even have car charger adapters that you can even use to charge your iPad in a car, in the vehicle so yeah if you have any question do you know how to reach us. Alright, thanks for tuning in guys and remember You Got It From a Geek!

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