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Apple iPad Mini Chargers

About Apple iPad Mini Chargers

The iPad Mini charger, also known as a lightning connector, is not yet here! But we do have adapters that you can use your iPad Mini charger cable with. Check them out below!

RAWR! This new lightning connector is killing me! Sorry for any inconvenience but we haven’t been able to bring in any new iPad Mini chargers because Apple is holding on to those like Frodo Baggins held on to the Ring in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. But we digress. The new iPad Mini charger will not be in for a while. If you already have the lightning cable, you can use adapters that have the USB port which you will see below. Just as soon as we can get some legit iPad Mini charging cables in, we will put them up. Again, sorry for the inconvenience Geeks! Do not pass up the competitive prices and free shipping at AccessoryGeeks! Find the right Apple iPad Mini charger for yourself!

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