Apple iPhone 4 Silicone Cases / Skins

Hey what's up guys, JChun Geek here with and today I'm going to tell you guys about Apple iPhone 4 4S Silicone Cases. Now we have two different types of silicone cases, one is the regular rubber silicone case and the other is a crystal silicone case. There is a difference between the two, but they are pretty similar as far as functionality of it. Both are just normally the ones that we carry are just single piece case, one piece and it is very easy to install over your phone, you just slip it over. How it's different from plastic cases is that not only it is just a single one piece, but it protects your phone from drops. It has a little bit of shock absorbent protection so it was kind of absorbs the shock if you happen to drop your phone, and again, it's a lot easier to remove to take on and off your phone, if you like to switch cases, it's a lot of easy to do that. The crystal silicone skins are little bit more firm as opposed to the regular rubber silicone skins. Both have all the cutouts and all the accessibilities buttons and charging ports so you don't need to take off the case every time you try to take a picture or just charge of phone which was pretty neat and they do come in a lot of variety. We have different ones that have like devil design, angel designs, we have a lot of solid colors so if you just like a simple plain gray, pink or blue case we have those, some have like a mesh type of look, some are kind of have really cool argyle design in the back and we just have a bunch of fun design to choose from so take your pick and remember we got free shipping so make your selection. Thanks for reading and remember You Got it from a Geek!