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Apple Ipod Nano 2 Silicone Case-Transparent Blue

Was: $ 14.99
Geek's Sale Price: $ 9.99


*ALL NEW* Apple Ipod Nano SiliconeCase!

Give ULtimate protection to yourApple Ipod Nano with this modernized silicone case!

Accidents happen. You're walking down the street with your glamorous Apple Ipod Nanoand it happens. Someone bumps into you and there goes your Apple Ipod Nano flying onto the ground. You pick it up and see a HUGE scratch on your beautifUL Apple Ipod Nano that you've been protecting for the past month. Wishing that there was some way that you coULd've prevented it.

NOW YOU CAN! Prevent scratches by protecting your Apple Ipod Nano with a custom madeSILICONE CASE for your Apple Ipod Nano. Modernize yourself with this outstanding product.


  • Retail Packaged, great for nice gift wrapping
  • Stylish custom case for Apple Ipod Nano
  • Custom made with a unique design to protect your phone
  • No tools are required for insertion, simply slip it on
  • Material: Rubberized Lifestyle case
  • Color/Style: Transparent Blue
  • **Phone or Device, if pictured; is NOT INCLUDED, this is an accessory compatible with your device

FAQs - ClickHere for more information on Apple iPod Items.

Apple Ipod Nano 2 Silicone Case-Transparent Blue

Apple Ipod Nano 2 Silicone Case-Transparent Blue Specification

  • Type: Silicone Case
  • Subtype: Skin
  • Color: Blue
  • Manufacturer: Apple
  • Compatibility: iPod Nano 2

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