The Ballistic® brand was born approximately 6 years ago, however, it gained new purpose in the last few years. The popularity of rugged cases created opportunity for Ballistic. A quarter of Ballistic's employees are engineers with experience building high quality OEM accessories. Unlike other cases, which were marketed as rugged, our engineers knew they could design a better case using their unique skills. Our goals were simple: build the best engineered case, offering the highest degree of drop protection and customer satisfaction. Our designs include many unique features, such as rubber on the inside to prevent scratches, absorb shock and promote cooling airflow. Additionally, we offer a high degree of customization with optional layers, holsters that work with and without those layers, as well interchangeable bumpers to customize your level of protection and your look. Ballistic cases include patent pending features, such as flash isolation modules, energy absorbing corners and customized multiple layers. Ballistic offers a 1 year limited warranty on all products sold! Get Military Spec protection with a Ballistic phone case. With heavy duty protection, your phone will stay clear from harms way when wrapped in a Ballistic Case. Ballistic Cases offer supreme protection from any environment you may be deployed in.

Ballistic Cell Phone Accessories