Samsung A580 Standard Battery

Samsung A580 Standard Battery

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Hey everyone this is MellowGeek here and today I’ll be going over the cell phone batteries page with you. So pretty much carries a lot of cell phone batteries for different phones. So depending on what phone model you have we most definitely have the cell phone batteries you are looking for.

So let’s say you have an iPhone, then of course you would want to click into the Apple cell phone batteries. Same goes if you have a Blackberry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung. And just in case you don’t know what phone model you have, if you scroll down here, you’ll see some of the major carriers and the smaller carriers. So if you just click in there I’m sure you’ll be able to find the cell phone batteries that you’re looking for, for the correct phone. So, before I show you the example, I just want to briefly mention why you should always carry a spare battery. For myself, I have to charge my smartphone daily. And I don’t even think it would last me a full 12 hours. But depending on what you use your phone for the level of battery that it drains varies. So if you’re using app’s a lot or if you like to play games or you like to call your friends or family, then you would probably, most definitely want to have a spare battery with you just because the smartphones today drain so much battery. And I have one for my Motorola Atrix because I like to use my phone as my GPS. And using that drains a lot of my battery. So, I usually have a spare battery with me. And it’s a lot easier to carry a spare battery than it is to carry a charger because a spare battery is so much more compact. And cell phone batteries take up little space so you can put cell phone batteries in your purse, your pocket and even your wallet, depending on what type of wallet you have. So, having spare cell phone batteries is definitely is something you might want to consider if you use your smartphone quite often. And I just want to briefly show you some of the examples of the phones once you click into the sections. So if you click into HTC, and for example let say you have the HTC EVO 3D once you click into HTC it will list all the phones made by HTC but if you simply CTRL + F to find your phone, the EVO 3D, or if you just scroll down and look for it I’m sure you’ll be able to find it. And once you click into the EVO 3D it’ll directly take you to the cell phone batteries page. So here we have different types of cell phone batteries, we have the standard and the original. And these are the two basic batteries that we should carry for all phones. So if you have an EVO 3D you have two options. You can get the original EVO 3D battery, which is the cell phone battery that comes originally with your phone when you initially purchased it. And we have the other standard battery which is pretty much the aftermarket. It’s not made by HTC but it works just as well and as you can see here we have different price options. So of course the aftermarket is cheaper because it is not branded but the only difference is pretty much the mili-amp as you see here, 1730 and 1250. But it’s pretty much the same if you’re just using this as a spare battery. It’ll still last you throughout the day so if you want to go with the aftermarket it is more economical but if you want to go with the original that’s what we offer as well. And other cell phone batteries that we carry for example is for the Epic 4G and as you see here we have a larger selection for the Epic 4G. So here we have the original Samsung charger which comes with the original spare battery as well. So rather than charging your phone you can actually use that spare battery or your other battery and put it in there and you can charge it through the wall without the charger directly charging through your phone. And again, we have extended batteries. Pretty much extended batteries all come with battery doors because extended batteries are thicker than the original batteries that you phone comes with. But it definitely lasts you a lot longer because of the higher capacity that it has so just be aware that all our extended batteries on our site do come with battery doors so you don’t have to worry about your door not fitting the new extended battery. And again the original and the original Epic 4g battery is actually compatible with all the other Galaxy S series except for the Fascinate, so it will be compatible with the Vibrant and the Captivate. And again, this is another aftermarket battery option that you can go for. And other cell phone batteries we carry are pretty much Blackberry’s. So again, you’ll see the extended battery door and with the extended battery for the Blackberry Torch and the original battery made by Blackberry. So, hopefully, you’ll find the right cell phone battery for your phone and again, cell phone batteries are always handy to have depending on how much you use your phone for. And hopefully you’ll find the correct cell phone battery for your phone, under the sections. So, hopefully this guide helped you out and again this is MellowGeek from and remember! You got it from A Geek!.