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BlackBerry 7100 Transparent Pink Hard Case w/ Belt Clip

Was: $ 16.99
Geek's Sale Price: $ 4.99


Give ULtimate protection to your BlackBerry 7100t/7100r with this custom made cover case today!!!

Simple and easy way to carry your BlackBerry 7100t/7100r. Hard Protector Case is one of the Newest and Hottest items in the market! This Hard cover case is carefULly designed for both style and convenience, a whole new way to protect yourBlackBerry 7100 and still keep it's original look with a little kick to it! Even better, this case includes a detachable, swivel belt clip that is fULly rotatable in all directions. Enhance your cell phone now with this custom made case for your BlackBerry 7100t/7100r.


  • High quality front and back case for BlackBerry 7100t/7100r
  • These cases fit so well that they become as if they are a part of the phone.
  • Remarkably thin and does not cause your phone to be bULky.
  • Custom molded into the shape of BlackBerry 7100t/7100r cell phone for ULtimate protection but still have it's original style
  • Light Weight, strong and durable
  • Polycarbonate strength
  • Scratch resistant
  • Adjustable belt clip rotates 360¡Æ degrees
  • Easy clip on installation. SOME INSTALLATION MAY BE REQUIRED
  • Designed with windows for ports, plugs, buttons and more!
  • Color/Style: Transparent Pink
  • *This case was made to fit your phone only, and will allow access to all buttons and functions.
  • **Phone or Device, if pictured; is NOT INCLUDED, this is an accessory compatible with your device

*This Custom made cover case is compatible with BlackBerry 7100t/7100r
**Note: We are not responsible for any damages caused by incorrect installation or that are made by consumer. They are not very dependable against big impacts.
***Belt Clips may or may not be the same as the case color

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BlackBerry 7100 Transparent Pink Hard Case

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BlackBerry 7100 Transparent Pink Hard Case w/ Belt Clip Specification

  • Type: Hard Case
  • Subtype: Cover
  • Color: Pink
  • Manufacturer: Blackberry
  • Compatibility: 711

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