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Blackberry 8100 Pearl Black Metal Armor Case

Was: $ 32.99
Geek's Sale Price: $ 14.99


*ALL NEW* Blackberry 8100 PEARL ARMORCASE!!

Give your Blackberry 8100 Pearl superior protection with this Metal Armor case!

Accidents happen. You just got your brand new nice and shiny Blackberry 8100 PearlPDA phone.  It's unique and updated PDA style makes you feel proud tocarry it around.  And then it happens, you're talking on your Blackberry 8100 Pearlandsomeone bumps into you, and it goes flying onto the ground.  When you pickit up, there's a huge scratch on it.  Wishing you had used something toprotect it in advance.

NOW YOU CAN! Prevent scratches by protecting your Blackberry 8100 Pearlwith a custom made Blackberry 8100 Pearl metal armor case. Modernize yourself with this outstanding product.


  • Retail Packaged, great for nice gift wrapping
  • Stylish custom case for Blackberry 8100 Pearl 
  • Internal extra padding for a tight hold
  • Custom made with a unique design to protect your PDA phone
  • Protects the LCD Screen
  • Keypad port open for easy button access
  • No tools are required for insertion, just place it in the case and snap the lock
  • Detachable swivel belt clip
  • Material: Innovative, highly durable, thicker gage metal
  • Color/Style: Black
  • **Phone or Device, if pictured; is NOT INCLUDED, this is an accessory compatible with your device

**This metal armor case is compatible with Blackberry 8100 Pearl

Blackberry 8100 Pearl Black Metal Armor Case Specification

  • SKU: LCAR-BB8100BK
  • Type: Hard Case
  • Subtype: Metal Armor
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Blackberry
  • Compatibility: Pearl 8100 8110 8120 8130

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