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Blackberry 8100 Premium Water Suit - Pink with Silver Trim

Was: $ 19.99
Geek's Sale Price: $ 6.90


Ease your life with a BLACKBERRY 8100Premium Water Suit from the Famous East Coast Brand 105!

Busy lifestyle?  Don't know where your phone is half the time? Then treat yourself to a BLACKBERRY 8100  Premium Water Suit Case.

Know where your phone is and keep it near you with a custom made OEM(original equipment manufacturing) BLACKBERRY 8100 Premium Water Suit Case. This high quality, genuine material with a built in belt clip will surelykeep your phone next to you where ever and whenever!    


  • New Retailed Packaged
  • Stylish custom BLACKBERRY 8100 Premium Water suit Case
  • Custom made with a unique design to protect your phone
  • Detachable belt clip for easy access 
  • Material: Durable, water suit material
  • Rapid release, locking swivel clip 
  • Color/Style: Pink with Silver trim 
  • *This case was made to fit your phone only, and will allow access to all buttons and functions.

*Pictured phone not included.
**Phone's with extended batteries may not fit the case.
*** This water suit is compatible with BLACKBERRY 8100

Blackberry 8100 Premium Water Suit - Pink with Silver Trim Specification

  • Type: Case
  • Subtype: Watersuit
  • Color: Pink,Silver
  • Manufacturer: Blackberry
  • Compatibility: Pearl 8100 8110 8120 8130

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