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BlackBerry 8800 Premium Screen Protector

Was: $ 9.99
Geek's Sale Price: $ 6.99


Protect your BlackBerry 8800 Screen with this Screen Protector

Prevent scratches on your BlackBerry 8800 screen. When it comes to your phone, the most important thing is to protect its beautiful look. Once it's scratched, it looks hideous and hard to look at. So give it protection now!

Find out more about screen protectors at our Screen Protectors FAQs page!


  • Crystal clear screen protector for BlackBerry 8800
  • Pre-cut to fit the dimensions of your screen
  • Prevents Glare
  • Protects against scratches, scrapes and abrasion
  • Removes without leaving residue
  • Resists finger-prints
  • Easy Installation
  • *Please be advised package may or may not include 2nd screen protector if the phone has a interior screen or exterior screen, assume 1 is included. Please refer to pictures.
  • **Phone or Device, if pictured; is NOT INCLUDED, this is an accessory compatible with your device

Package includes

  • 1 screen protector
  • Cleaning cloth


  • BlackBerry 8800

Screen Protector Installation

  1. Make sure the screen protector is clean.
  2. Clean the screen thoroughly.
  3. Expose 1/2 inch of the screen protector. Align the exposed section with the edges of the screen. Make sure not to touch the adhesive side.
  4. Make sure the Screen Protector is properly aligned and gently press from one corner and disperse pressure throughout.

BlackBerry 8800 Premium Screen Protector

**Disclaimer: This product is not reusable, package only consist of 1 set of screen protector.

BlackBerry 8800 Premium Screen Protector Specification

  • SKU: SFP-BB8800
  • Type: Screen Protector
  • Subtype: Premium
  • Color: Clear
  • Manufacturer: Blackberry
  • Compatibility: 8800 8820 8830

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