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BlackBerry 8800/8830 Water Suit - Black with Silver Trim

Was: $ 24.99
Geek's Sale Price: $ 6.14


Show Your Love For The Ocean With This Fashionable Blackberry8800/8830 WaterSuit!

Prevent dings,dust and scratches with a one-of-a-kind Blackberry 8800/8830 water suit. This caseresembles the wetsuit of divers and surfers and now your phone can mimic thatsame look!


  • Offers protection for your LCD screen and keypad with clear plastic
  • Built with a durable rubberized plastic material
  • Lined with a velvet fabric
  • Front and back piece can be separated for easy installation
  • Custom-cut with access to buttons and ports
  • Includes a 360° rotating belt clip which locks in 8 positions
  • Quick-release belt clip makes it easy to detach the case from the belt clip with the push of a button
  • Color - Black with silver trim
  • *This case was made to fit your phone only, and will allow access to all buttons and functions.


  • Blackberry 8800, 8830

*Pictured phone not included
**Phone's with extended batteries may not fit the case
***Water suit case is a novelty item and not intended to make your phonewaterproof nor prevent it from water damage

Blackberry 8800/8830 Water Suit - Black with Silver Trim

BlackBerry 8800/8830 Water Suit - Black with Silver Trim Specification

  • SKU: LCWS-BB8800BK
  • Type: Case
  • Subtype: Watersuit
  • Color: Black,Silver
  • Manufacturer: Blackberry
  • Compatibility: 8800 8820 8830

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