Blackberry Bold 9780 Silicone Cases / Skins

Pick up a 9780 silicone case and stop worrying about scratches with AccessoryGeeks extremely low prices today! The large plastic cell phone cases sometimes seem unappealing because you do not want to lug around a bulky cell phone. Do not let this fact stop you from protecting your cell phone! The BlackBerry 9780 silicone cases are designed to mold to your phone. It will not seem as though you had doubled your cell phone's size by trying to give it the protection it needs. The BlackBerry 9780 silicone cases will act as a second skin to your cell phone; giving it a "thick skin" to weather harsh variables. Bold 9780 Skins Buyer's Guide Hey guys this is a guide geek from and welcome to Blackberry Bold9780 Plastic Cases section. It is also more commonly known as a hardcover for your phone and particular this one is for the Blackberry Bold 9780. Over here you can see we have a lot of different variety of hard covers for the Blackberry Bold 9780. It also works with the 9700. We have a lot of different variety of brands including Disney like these are the official Disney brand. We also have a lot of cases from Dragon fly from LUXMO especially. You know we also have brand new ones like Trident over here. They range from $10 all the way up from $25 to $30. We have a lot of different variety like I said we have the rubberized version and we also have the regular plastic cases with different designs on it like dog paws. We also have the combination of the silicone tech and the plastic at the same time and we also have like the heavy duty ones like the OtterBoxes over here. There are like really heavy duty and you can pretty much take them anywhere and also running with all these low prices we also have a promotion where you can get a free crowbar for your plastic case or your hard cover for the Blackberry 9780 where if you enter this component code right here and it expires September 30th of 2011 you can get a free Crowbar or what it does is it actually helps you take off plastic cases from your phone without actually hurting your fingers. You know some people have really sensitive hands where they can't really open the plastic cases and sometimes it is closed so tightly that you can't open it, but the crowbar actually helps you. We always use it here, over here at the headquarters, but the whole true purpose of a hard cover is actually to protect your phone because you know you spent money on your phone or your new phone, old phone it doesn't matter. You want to protect it especially when it drops and or in your pocket with your coins or keys. Another function for this is thinking of it as a cloth like a piece of clothing for your phone so you know you want to change it to match your outfit of the day, buy more than one. Alright, I actually have more like five of them I mean I don't change them every day but then when I get bored with a certain case or when the case actually get scratched I usually change them out and having to work in Accessory Geeks, actually helps a lot because I can just go to the warehouse and buy from he warehouse. So this is Mario from You got it from a geek!110923 Bold 9780 Silicone Case

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