Blackberry Curve 9300 Silicone Cases / Skins

Accessory Geeks has the unique and form-fitting Blackberry Curve 9300 silicone skin cases! The Blackberry Curve 9300 rubber skin provides the protection you need from everyday usage, accidents and drops. Each Blackberry Curve 9300 silicone cases have been custom molded to fit the Blackberry Curve 9300 perfectly while giving it full functionality while being protected by a Blackberry Curve 9300 skin case. Each Blackberry Curve 9300 silicone case have been made from stretch, durable, silicone type material which can be easily slipped around on the phone without any kind of hassle. It also offers a firm grip on your phone with it slipping. Curve 3G Skins Buyer's Guide Hey guys this is the guide geek from Welcome to Blackberry Curve 3G Skin Cases. Basically it is the same as a hard cover. The hard plastic covers. The only difference with these silicone skins is - it is more rotary feel. It does feel like it is an extra skin for your phone. It is not as bulky as the hard covers and it is definitely lighter than most of the hard covers. And we have a couple of different or unique cases like this Blackberry Curve 3G the Cassette Tape Skin by LUXMO actually pretty cool I saw this you know on my desk not too long ago and we also have the OtterBox's over here of course. We carry a lot of brands. Official ones from Blackberry, those are top quality basic skins for the Blackberry Curve 3Gs and we also have you know the perforated silicone cases or the skins for the Blackberry 3G similar to Ed Hardy design plaid and we are constantly updating this particular section or all of our section, we are continually upgrading them with new and better products and you know you need these cases to protect your phone like when you drop it. I prefer a silicone case or the skin cases better because it is lighter. It has that rubbery feel so you know it doesn't slip out of your hand and whenever it drops your skins usually doesn't break that easy as easy as the hard covers, but there is a chance that as soon as you drop it your phone might flop out of the skin. You know it is a give and take for either one of the cases, but in any way you should buy a case and protect your phone because you spent so much money on your phone and you don't want it to break one drop and everybody that I know will drop their phone at least ones whether it drops of their pocket, from their purse you know at least ones of a lifetime of the phone so please protect your phone. This is the guide geek from Accessory Geeks. You got it from a geek!110923 Curve 3G Silicone Case