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Bluetooth Headphones

About Bluetooth Headphones

Yo, what’s up guys, JChun Geek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and if you’re on this page right now you’re probably planning to purchase a Bluetooth headset. So these are hands free devices and as you know nowadays that there is a law where you are unable to use your phone, you can’t text or be on the phone while you’re driving and that’s a huge dealt there staring to take time more and more seriously as the year goes by. It is quite costly for the tickets I guess depending on what state you’re from. Right here in California they are pretty pricey, I think they start at about a $100 and they increase every time you get caught so to avoid just even the thought of getting that ticket you can definitely prevent that by purchasing a Bluetooth headset. Now, we have multiple different types of Bluetooth headsets. Some are stereo headsets which go over both years and you will see on here there’s a lot Motorola brand and Plantronics is very reliable brand and very popular brand and is the LG tone series. Those ones are very popular phone as well. Samsung is very well known for high quality Bluetooth headset like the jawbone, actually the jawbone is different company and they make those high quality ones where it has a noise cancellation technology like one of the best ones so they are a little more costly but if you work in a harsh condition and when there’s a lot of noise like construction site or you know just wherever there’s a loud noises and you’re constantly on the phone or to make sure just your projects get done or what not. Those are definitely some Bluetooth headset you may want to look into. Now if you don’t really like have something in your ear all day or just turning your drive home there are alternatives like Bluetooth speaker car kit, now those ones they are different types as well. There is some that you can clip on the visor and it connects to your phone wirelessly depending on which one you want to go with. You can even connect to your music to it. There’s a voice control through it. So check those one as well, if you’re not really a type of like having that Bluetooth in your ear all on the time. So they do come out with new versions all the time so just that you’re aware, there’s constantly going to be new ones being release, new models, new update upgraded types and that’s usually the trend of the Bluetooth headsets. So browse around and I’m sure we carry something that will work for you because again so that you guys know. If you guys have purchased from us before at AccessoryGeeks.com the Bluetooth headsets are one of our specialties and we do carry a lot of different brands and you can find them all here. You can compare several different ones that you’re interested in right here on our website. You don’t have to go through any other pages to do that. Of course you can do your research separately, but if you have purchase one please feel free to leave us a review so that you can share your product knowledge and your product experience with other customer as well another Geeks and we’d greatly appreciate that. Alright guys, happy shopping and remember You Got It From a Geek!

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