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Bluetooth Keyboard

About Bluetooth Keyboard

Hey, what’s up guys, JChun geek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and today, I’ m going to be telling you guys about a Bluetooth keyboard. So, tablets are becoming more and more popular these days among students, businessman, parents, kids, I mean I know so many kids nowadays that have it too. A lot of schools are investing in them. They are great portable learning tools and great for travels. So with that being said, you know I have an iPad 2 and for me it’s a little inconvenient for me to type on the little keys there when you turn in sideways and that’s just me personally. I’m used to clicking on the keyboard and you know getting that full length where it’s kind of compact on the iPad so that’s one thing that I really don’t like about the iPad especially for the iPad Mini that that’s even smaller for that, but the Bluetooth keyboards are definitely come in handy. When you’re a businessman or student or want to type some notes in a meeting something like that, if you were constantly in those types of situation. These Bluetooth keyboards will definitely come in handy. So they connect to your iPad wirelessly through Bluetooth and all iPads and you know tablets nowadays have that Bluetooth features which is very very cool and convenient especially for purposes like this. And we carry a few different types so we have some that clicks right into the Bluetooth keyboard so it actually once in there, it looks like a laptop. So that’s really cool and it may actually double as a case as well. So you don’t have to keep taking out the iPad every time you want to use it and it also keep it protected at the same time. So you’re kind of getting a 2 in 1 type of deal. You’re getting a Bluetooth keyboard and also a case at the same. And these are very very high quality products. We know how much the iPad costs and we want to make sure that we’re providing the products that is going to keep your iPad protected and function as a very durable keyboard. Now, we do carry some aftermarkets products and also brand name products so just something within everybody’s budget and because they are wireless and don’t connect by wires. They are a little more pricy, but we do have the mini sizes if you guys really those ones for around $25 and some other ones they do come with travel carrying case. Some other ones just come with Bluetooth wireless and keyboard itself and not doubled as the case. So we carry the ones that double as the case and we do carry the keyboards that come just separately. If you already have the case type like a stand case type of deal and I’m actually seen one of this in action so we have an iPad 3 here that we actually tested it out on and it’s really really cool you get the complete feel of real keyboard so you can kind of get the feeling of clicking and you can get a full size and they’re very thin and affordable, very very light and come with the case so if you travel a lot they will be protected. We even have some types of silicone ones, where you can kind of like rolling up too so that it becomes very compact and silicone doesn’t break so if you were to drop it I mean it’s completely fine so we really carry those types as well and a ZAGG brand, there are very very popular so check it out guys. We have everything within everybody’s budget and we have free shipping on top of that as well. So browse around, see what you guys like and if you guys like the products feel free to leave us a product review and so we can hear what you guys think about it. Alright guys, happy shopping and remember You Got It From a Geek!

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