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Bluetooth Speakers

About Bluetooth Speakers

Hey, what’s up guys, JChun Geeks here with AccessoryGeeks.com and it is a wonderful day shopping for some Bluetooth speakers today. And if you’re like me, and hate the messiness of all the cords that comes along with lot of speakers nowadays and if you’re neat freak like me then you probably want to go with the Bluetooth type of speakers. I don’t know if you guys knew if this is existed because these are fairly pretty new, but they are definitely cool products that keep your desk place and your workplace organized. It’s really cool because it just connects Bluetooth with your phone and you can listen to music through your phone. Some of our Geeks on our warehouse, use that and they connect their music through this Bluetooth speakers and they were able to have their phone with them while they’re picking your items, getting it ready to be shipped and the speakers are in one central location where we can all hear from which is really really cool. Some of them depending on which one you purchase or based on the specifications of certain brands may allow you to connect more than one device to it so if one person in the warehouse wants to listen to something else they can definitely use that to play their music as well, but you cannot play both music at the same time, only one per device at the time. Alright, so now they are portable and they do come with everything that you need so because they are wireless of course they need to be charge and they do come with cables to be charged. They charge fairly fast and they are very, very really cool and convenient I might add. We also carry some of the stereos Bluetooth speakers that are stand and work for your tablet and your iPad as well as your phone. So be on a look out for those, the ones that we used here I think it say the Monster brand and it’s got a great, great sound quality. Very, very loud and so you know you can definitely use it. It comes in handy for parties, house parties. I’ve been in the parties where I’ve seen Bluetooth speakers being used then you know no hassles, nobody’s tripping over the wires, you don’t have to go extra hassle of the tapes and then down to the floors. You know people who throw a parties and you know what I’m talking about but otherwise, other than those are basically the benefits of having the Bluetooth speakers. They are very innovative products and I think they’re going to be more popular in the future. If you’re like personal skipping organize, loves music and like great sound quality and we also carry cool designs for them too so check them out. We even have Bluetooth speaker car kit, if you want something portable in your car we carry those and don’t be sure to check out our Bluetooth headsets as well. We carry a wide variety of Bluetooth products and as you can see here we carry nothing, but authentic products. Nothing is fake or counterfeit everything is real and comes in its original packaging to help you guys out with the cost and we know that Bluetooths are little on a pricey side we always offer free standard shipping for you guys. Alright guys so check it out and let me know guys what’s you guys think by leaving us a product review and happy shopping and remember You Got if from a Geek!

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