HTC EVO 3D Silicone Cases / Skins

Searching for the best HTC EVO 3D skin? The Geeks have got you covered! We’ve been wrapped up in a search for some great new EVO 3D skins and have struck gold. We have found an EVO 3D silicone case that will match your personality and your budget. Your search ends here, with the helpful hand of the Geeks.EVO 3D Skins We get asked what the difference between an HTC EVO 3D skin and an EVO 3D silicone case is a lot. The Geeks are here to clear the air on this matter. There actually isn’t a difference. It just depends on who you ask. It is similar to the tomatoe/tomato potatoe/potato argument. We use the interchangeably. Our vendors have driven us a little bit crazy with these terms as well, so you aren’t the only one who wasn’t clear at the start. However you say it, skin, silicone case, gel case, rubber skin, they are all the same. The HTC EVO 3D skin is much like a EVO 3D hard case, in that it is a solid layer of protection. The difference between the EVO 3D skins and the hard cases is the material they are made with. The hard case is ABS plastic but the skins are made from a flexible rubber material. This rubber material also makes the EVO 3D silicone case easy to grip. If you have butterfingers (like many of the Geeks here) then the HTC EVO 3D skin is a good idea for you. The HTC EVO 3D skin case does not mess around when it comes to protection. EVO 3D Silicone Case The HTC EVO 3D skin does have a one slight drawback that we’d like to discuss. Because it is a rubbery material, lint and little specs of dirt tend to get stuck on the case. It is easily cleaned, by just blowing it off or brushing it off with your finger. Especially in the depths of a ladies bag, there are unknown creatures and organisms living deep down in there that may stick to the EVO 3D skins. But overall, the HTC EVO 3D skin is a great case. By purchasing EVO 3D skins, you are taking an extra precautionary measure that doesn’t cost much, to ensure that your phone will last until your next upgrade is available. You are also taking a step to personalize your phone and to tell the world that you care. Find the perfect EVO 3D skins today and save with the Geeks free shipping and remember! You got it from A Geek! EVO 3D Skins Buyer's Guide Hello, my Geeky guests. My name is guide geek, here with, this time going over the HTC EVO 3D Silicone Cases or the HTC EVO 3D Skins, whatever you want to call them. Basically, these are the thin rubber-like cases you put around your phone to give it that extra shock absorption protection on your phone while making it look nice and colorful and pretty. So, moving on, we have a couple of varieties here available for the HTC EVO 3D in terms of silicone cases. I'm going to start with the basic stuff we have, which is just the regular silicone case. These are kind of like -- the best way for me to describe it, it's kind of like a rubber band, in a way, all the way around your phone, and they do really well. Of course, since they are rubber, they absorb shock on anything that falls on the ground. They are great for nonslip protection. So if you put it on a desk or a table and you accidentally bump it, it's not going to slide off. That's basically what you get at rubber feel. If you ever had anything that's been rubberized or rubber like that, you know that it's just not going to fall of something or easily slip out of your hands. So the next, so you can see here we have a bunch of different colors -- pink, orange, purple, green, and all the variety here. And the other type of HTC EVO 3D silicone case we have are the crystal silicone cases, and this is my personal favorite. I like them because they are more sturdy, a little more sturdy than silicone cases. They still are bendable. They're not plastic. It's kind of like in between plastic and silicone cases. So this HTC EVO 3D silicone case is, like I said, a little bit thicker. Usually, they have designs on them. You can see here there is a crystal silicone case with argyle designs on them, kind of clear ones. We have a black one with one on the interior there, a smoked case, basically, like I said, a little bit thicker than the regular silicone cases. They still have that stickiness -- that's the best way to put it, I would say -- that allows it to be nonslip so it doesn't fall out of your hands, not going to slide off the table if you bump it or anything like that, and it still has that shock absorbency. It does a really good job at making sure that your phone stays protected. And of course, you have to keep the HTC EVO 3D really protected, especially with that new pretty 3D screen there that I'm sure everyone wants. And every time you show them a 3D movie, they're probably really jealous, and you can show them this cool case you got from Accessory Geeks too and they'll probably be jealous of that. So that's pretty much the overview we have here of the HTC EVO 3D silicone cases. Feel free to stop by and take a look and give us a call if you have any questions. And remember, you got it from a Geek.111104 EVO 3D Silicone Case