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HTC Inspire 4G Skins

About HTC Inspire 4G Skins

Pick up a silicone case and stop worrying about scratches with AccessoryGeeks extremely low prices today! The large plastic cell phone cases sometimes seem unappealing because you do not want to lug around a bulky cell phone. Do not let this fact stop you from protecting your cell phone! The HTC silicone cases are designed to mold to your phone. It will not seem as though you had doubled your cell phone's size by trying to give it the protection it needs. The HTC silicone cases will act as a second skin to your cell phone; giving it a "thick skin" to weather harsh variables.
HTC Inspire skin Buyer's Guide Yo, what up geeks. This is Jay Chan from accessorygeeks.com and today I'll be going over the buyer's guide for the HTC Inspire 4G silicon cases. You might have heard people call them silicon skins, crystal silicon cases, or TPU cases - either way these are what they look like here. And basically I'm going to break it down to two different kinds that we have. We have the crystal silicon cases and the regular silicon cases. And here are some of our crystal silicon cases. We have more designs for the crystal silicon cases so you'll see some psychedelic type of patterns like the prism cases then we also have argyle in purple, pink and also we have an argyle clear here. And the best way to describe these types of cases is that it's a hybrid between a plastic case, a rubberized plastic case, and a silicon case because it has that glossy finish to it - you can see here it kind of has a reflection as opposed to our regular silicon cases here. And they're easier to take in and out of your pocket or your backpack or your purse just because it doesn't really snag on to anything. It's very form-fitting. It has all the cutouts for your camera and speakers so it's really neat. Now for the regular silicon cases they're only available in solid colors. These cases are really easy to take on and off of your HTC Inspire 4G phone and they provide that rubberized texture so for people who work a lot maybe with water or you just need that extra grip it's definitely going to provide that for you so you don't have to worry about the phone slipping out of your hand or anything like that. Basically that sums up the silicon cases that we have available for the HTC Inspire 4G phones. These are greatly priced and perfect for everyday use for anyone who just goes to school or has a job just in a non-crazy work environment. So that's my buyer's guide and I hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank you so much and I'm out. Remember you got it from a geek!
HTC Inspire Accessories

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