HTC One Headphones

Hey, how's it going guys, JChun geek here with And if you are looking for headphones or headset for your new HTC One phone, you have come to the right page. Your HTC One has a 3.5 mm headphone jack so anything that you see on our site or anything that shows 3.5 mm whether it's speaker that you are looking for, headphones or headset with the mics and answer end/button. Anything that shows 3.5 mm will work for your HTC One, so we have huge variety, we have everything from aftermarket products to actual original products so manufactured by Motorola, Samsung, LG, and again if it has a brand name of Samsung. I know that you have an HTC One, but as long that it has a 3.5 mm headphone jacket will work it just a brand name so higher in quality, longer lasting much better. So, I would always recommend going with OEM products, but we do have a lot more aftermarket products to choose from so they mostly fit in everyone's budget and there's we have a variety of different colors. We have stereo headsets which have two ear buds or we even have the mono which is one earbud if you don't really need the second one, but nowadays they mainly come out mainly with just a stereo headset so yeah we have a huge selection to choose from. We even have some novelty ones that kind of look like a Reese's peanut butter cups, like those tiny ones, Jolly Rancher brands, just a lot of fun quirky stuff too maybe you can give as a gift, but not only will work for your HTC One phone, but even if you have other device with 3.5 maybe you have a tablet or iPad or little MP3 player I mean it's all gonna work for that as well. Maybe not the mic and the answer end/button depending on the device that you are trying to use it for, but generally you should be able to hear the audio through it. So, again we carry huge selection to choose from for your HTC One and I don't know one person that doesn't really use headphone I mean it's always good to have one as a backup, makes great gift, I know I used one like waiting for my car, or my class or on my break so they definitely come in handy, you can watch movies through it, watch your videos and all that great stuff so check them out guys and remember we got free shipping all day, every day. Alright, thanks for tuning in and remember You Got It From a Geek!