HTC One Skins

Hey, what's up guys, JChun Geek here with from And today, I going to be telling you guys about HTC One Skins which as supposed by the name silicone case, rubber silicone cases. We also carry crystal silicone cases for your new HTC One. So, those are what you'll find on this page here. And those who want have a more of a grippy, sticky texture. So if you have sweaty palms, or if you are constantly find your phone slipping at your hands because these new cell phones nowadays are so sleek and thin. You definitely want more of a silicone skin as supposed to plastic case. Plastic cases are a little bit thinner, but if you're, again, looking more for anti-slip then, a skin is better. What else, they come in variety of different colors. It is going to be very easy for you to tell your phone apart from, maybe say for instances, friend or family member who may have the same type of phone as you, which is HTC One. And let see, another benefit it is the drop protection. If you were to drop your HTC One phone, which I'm sure everybody will drop it at least once, it's going to protect it because it has a little bit of a shock absorbent protection. So, silicone cases though tend to maybe stretch out overtime, they are flexible. So, it's very easy to take on and off your phone, whereas opposed to plastic cases, plastic cases might break if you were drop it on the floor, especially on concrete, but carpet should be fine for both, but again those are some of the benefits to having the silicone skin. Alright, hopefully I was able to answer a lot of questions that you may have had. Those are the most frequent common questions that we get from our customers and because the HTC One is a popular phone, we will probably be getting in a lot more designs and a lot more variety for them so constantly check back on our page and we have free shipping for you guys all the time and you definitely take advantage of that today. Alright, thanks for tuning in guys and remember, You Got It From a Geek!