HTC One X Accessories

OOOO-EEEEE! You got yourself the gorgeous HTC One X! What to do now? Get yourself the hottest HTC One X accessories! Just clicks away, only the best and most reliable accessories for One X await. The HTC One X is a super powerful machine. Let's review, shall we? This Quad core processor makes surfing the web, checking out your GPS, or even just navigating the phone a very speedy experience. The 4.7' display allows you to watch your videos and view your pictures with ease. The HTC One X weighs in at 130g and measures up to be 5.29' x 2.75' x 0.35' (134.36 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm). One X accessories will keep your new HTC One X in pristine condition at an incredible price! Shop today and save! We also have awesome HTC One Accessories available as well!