HTC One X Chargers

An HTC One X charger is a little different from other smartphone chargers. You see, the mAh (milliamp level) is higher with the HTC One X than with most smartphones. The HTC One X uses a 1650 mAh battery where most smartphones these days use a battery around 1300-1500 mAh. Because of this difference, a typical cell phone charger that you used for your previous HTC smartphone probably won’t charge this phone. You need a specific HTC One X charger. The mAh must match or beat 1650 mAh. That’s a lot to worry about, we know. So! The Geeks here have made this process SUPER simple. Find all of the compatible HTC One X chargers here! We’ve also brought in the HTC One X car charger for your charging needs on the go. Shop today and save!