Skins for HTC One X

If you’re not into the One X hard case scene, the Geeks have a great alternative. We all like choices no? Well, choose now between a hard case or a silicone case! The HTC One X silicone skin that will provide your phone with a solid layer of protection is here waiting for you. Some of the Geeks prefer the One X skins because of the natural texture. A One X silicone case is soft and very flexible. However, it has no problem fitting snugly around your phone and staying put. Think of it as a glove for your new HTC One X. A HTC One X skin will sit perfectly around your phone and may even absorb some of the impact when dropped. Any One X skin that you choose will safeguard your phone from exterior damages like scratches, dents, and dings. Get your HTC One X skin today!