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HTC Status Accessories

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Purchase the newest and best HTC Status accessories at AccessoryGeeks! A cell phone is an important electronic device, and you would want to accompany it with amazing HTC Status cell phone accessories.

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HTC Status Accessories Case Buyer's Guide Hey guys, this is Julian from accessorygeeks.com and we are bringing you HTC Status accessories buyer's guide. So this is perfect for the new HTC Status owner to find the best accessories for the HTC Status so let's dive right into this. The HTC Status as you know is the first Facebook phone. People were really surprised that this was not branded as the Facebook phone more. I mean they did give it the Facebook name in the sense that updating your status is one of the things that you do most on Facebook. But in terms of branding it just doesn't have that same ring as saying "Oh, I just bought the Facebook phone." What makes this phone unique is that it has a dedicated Facebook button as you can see. For people who love Facebook this is a great thing; for people who hate Facebook this is pretty much as close to the end of the world as you can get. But nonetheless it is a very unique feature for this phone as it lets you share whatever you want - photos, videos, links, and status updates of course - to your friends on Facebook. This is a very unique form factor. It's BlackBerry-esque in the sense that you have your screen on top and you have a nice QWERTY keyboard beneath. It does have a touch screen. It's pretty small. It's a 2.6-inch capacity touch screen. It's good enough to navigate around but it might be a little cramped for those users who are coming over from an iPhone or especially those users who are coming over from an EVO or a Droid X with the massive 4.3-inch displays. But if you have this phone I'm sure you love it so if you love your phone you've got to get the best HTC Status accessories for your phone so let's take a look at some of the different accessories for Status. So first we have chargers - and as you all know since we use our phones so much and we demand so much of our phones, one of the best HTC Status to get are spare chargers for the car, for the home, for office, for dorm. Having one of these let's you keep your phone charged when you're really not on the go and needing to waste battery power so that once you do go out you're going to have a full charge and you're going to be ready to go. Next we have cases and then we also have plastic cases and silicon cases within the main case section. And as you know cases are one of the most popular HTC Status accessories due to the fact that we all want to keep our new phone in perfect condition and the best way to do that is with a case. It protects it from drops, it protects it from scratches, it's really a great accessory to have for the Status. Our cases come in a bunch of different varieties so you can get the color you want. If you're not too satisfied with this white and silver color scheme you can always get a flashy red case, you can get a bling case, or you can just get a black case if you want to switch things up. The next accessories for Status that we have are batteries. And just like chargers this is a very important accessory to have if you use your phone a lot. And if you've got this phone everyone knows what you're doing. You're going to be on your Facebook even more than you are right now. So getting an extra battery is going to be very crucial so that you can be out and not have to worry about running out of battery when you really need it - when you want to update your Facebook or send a message or even use your phone to make a phone call. We also have some other HTC Status accessories like headsets and data cables. Data cables are just your standard micro USB cable so we have a good variety of those. And headsets we have all types of headsets. We have headsets with a microphone on it and we have just regular stereo headsets for listening to music. Another really popular HTC Status accessories are screen protectors. Again, this is a very small screen phone compared to some of the newer super phones out there. But nonetheless you're still going to be looking at it all the time, you're still going to be using it all the time so keep that screen protected. It's really important that you use the screen protector because even with acrylic glass or any type of special protective glass even small particles can harm the screen so you're going to want to use a screen protector to prevent against that and at the same time you can use a screen protector to cut down on screen glare - we have anti-glare screen protectors - so these accessories for your Status are a really good buy if you want to get the total protection package. And of course we also have car mounts and just stands and holders. And these HTC Status accessories are perfect for people who want to keep their phone in a functional location while they're not holding it. So if you're at your desk the perfect accessories for the Status are stands because you can prop it up and still would use it, still touch and use it, but you don't have to hold it. And then when you're in your car you can use a car mount and this HTC Status accessory is perfect for those people who listen to music in their car using their phone so you can easily change songs and scroll through songs without having to hold it an possibly getting in trouble. So I think that was a pretty decent overview of the different HTC Status accessories. Again this is a very special phone, the first Facebook phone, so you want to make sure you get the best Status accessories to make your Facebook phone, excuse me, HTC Status usage really enjoyable. So again, all our HTC Status accessories at accessorygeeks.com ship with free shipping and some of the lowest prices on the web. So browse around, I'm sure you'll all find something that you like, and remember that you got it from a geek! HTC Status Accessories
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