Huawei Mercury Silicone Cases / Skins

Oh snap! Did you just drop your phone again?! Dude, let the Geeks help you out with a Huawei Mercury Skin. These skins are made of silicone, which is this crazy awesome material that not only comes in a ton of different colors and styles, it is rubbery, adding a ton of grip so there is less slippage of your phone and if the unfortunate happens, the shock of the drop will be absorbed by the Huawei Mercury skin, keeping the phone as safe as a Swiss Bank account! And don’t you worry about spending a ton of cash on keeping your phone safe, our Huawei Mercury skins are affordable and always come with free shipping!Think about your skin for a second. It’s an amazing organ that keeps all your meaty goodness safe from the elements. Now look down at your phone. No skin. It’s tender insides are subject to shocks and drops, which can leave it as useful as an appendix. Keep your phone safe from damaging shocks and drops with a Huawei Mercury skin from! We have a ton of variety available to anyone wishing to keep their Mercury from flatlining. Find a Huawei Mercury skin that expresses who you are, and all the innards of you phone functioning like an Olympic athlete, even if it sustains a drop here and there! And you can think of as a really great medical insurance for your phone, because we offer Mercury skins at such low prices and free shipping. You’ll be so pleased, it’ll be like you just got a B12 shot! Just remember, you got it from a Geek!

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