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Initial "K" Cell Phone Charm - Black

Was: $ 17.99
Geek's Sale Price: $ 4.99

  • Unique Cell Phone Charm/Strap
  • Easy to use plug fits in any 3.5mm (standard) headphone jack
  • Durable construction
  • Universal mobile phone strap
  • Suitable for all types of gadgets from cell phones, mp3 players, iPods and more that include a charm loop.
  • Design/Color: Initial "K"/Black


Cell phone Charm / Strap Installation Tip

Accessorize your cell phone with this adorable Initial "K" Cell Phone cell phone charm strap - Black. This uniquely constructed charm is great for beautifying your phone. This Cross Cell Phone Charm/Strap is suitable for any phone or device with a charm loop.

Initial "K" Cell Phone Charm - Black Specification

  • Type: Charm
  • Subtype: Strap
  • Color: Black,Silver
  • Manufacturer: Universal
  • Compatibility: Universal

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