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Kyocera Taho Accessories

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Welcome to the Geeky side of town, where the Kyocera Sanyo Taho accessories are priced lower & the customer support is always friendly! With AccessoryGeeks you will find top of the line Taho accessories and enjoy free shipping to the U.S. & Canada. Save on all Kyocera Sanyo Taho cell phone accessories now and remember! You got it from A Geek!

Geek's approved accessories for Kyocera Taho

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The Taho is one of the bigger sized phones. This phone weighs about 4.7 ounces and has dimensions of 4'x2'x0.94' (102 x 51 x 23.9 mm). This flip phone has a unique clamshell shape & is designed to be very sturdy. Accessories for the Kyocera Sanyo Taho have multiple uses. Kyocera Sanyo Taho cell phone accessories such as the headsets & Bluetooth devices enhance your listening capabilities and keep you focused on the tasks at hand. Stay connected to the world with your hands free. And let's not forget Taho cases! Kyocera Sanyo Taho cases make your phone look great while keeping the integrity of the phone intact. Kyocera accessories put the 'e' in entertainment. The memory capacity of the Taho is limited to 40MB's. 40 MB's can roughly hold about ten songs, which is barely anything at all these days. That is why AccessoryGeeks have the solution for you. We offer memory cards that hold up to 16GB's, which equals to about 3500 songs. Compare ten songs to 3500, of course 3500 songs would be chosen over a measly ten! Let the Geeks take care of all of your needs for Kyocera Sanyo Taho cell phone accessories. Not only can we do that, but we can also promise that you will receive the best service in town! Not sure what accessories will work for you? No problem! The Geeks are eagerly awaiting calls from our valued customers. We can help you find what you need Monday through Friday 8am ' 4pm PST. Our number is 1-866-433-5793. Find all other Kyocera cell phone accessories with the Geeks too! Kyocera Domino accessories | Kyocera Laylo accessories | Kyocerz Zio accessories
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