LG Revolution Silicone Cases / Skins

Purchase a LG silicone case to reduce the adversities of everyday life imposed upon your cell phone! If you have been searching for a more form fitting cover for your cell phone, the LG Revolution silicone cases will practically be a second skin! The LG Revolution rubber skin is so thin; it will feel as though there is no cover at all. AccessoryGeeks have the best and most hip LG Revolution silicone cases around! Do you have enough to carry around already? There is no sense weighing yourself down when you don't have to! It could be that you have wanted to give your cell phone full protection, but the thought of adding more weight to your belongings could have been daunting. With the LG Revolution silicone cases at AccessoryGeeks, you will not have to worry because they are lightweight and sturdy! You will be receiving the best defense against dust and scratches with a LG Revolution rubber skin. Does your cell phone slip through your fingertips? Cell phones are usually designed with a smooth slippery surface, and this could become a problem when you find yourself dropping your cell phone on a regular basis. The LG silicone cases will give you that extra traction! There have been times where you are walking, and you have your cell phone in your hand. What if you were by a pond or pool? You don't want to risk having your cell phone slide into the water. The LG Revolution rubber skin will prevent this from happening! The LG silicone case will transform your cell phone into a device you have a firm hold on! window.setTimeout('custom_collapse();', 0) Revolution Skins Buyer's Guide Hey guys, this Dark Knight Geek and today we will be looking at the LG Revolution silicone cases page here at AccessoryGeeks.com. If you have an LG Revolution, this is a great way to protect the investment that you have made. Smart phones these days are amazing, amazing little gadgets. They do so much and in so many ways that make our lives much more convenient, but it could be a huge inconvenience if there is ever any damage to your smart phone so these Revolution silicone cases are a great way to protect the investment that you may keep your LG Revolution going strong. So let me take you through the two different styles that we have. I see two different styles because first of all we have the regular silicone cases. We have them in pink, purple, frost white, orange, neon green, red, black and down here we have a blue. These are just standard silicone cases, very soft touch, very pliable. They just hug your phone and they offer a good investment and then here right here we have what we call crystal silicone case. We call it crystal silicone because the actual name for it is a little bit more complex. The material is actually called TPU which stands for thermoplastic polyurethane. And the difference between TPU or crystal silicone cases versus like the regular silicone cases is that crystal silicone cases are more rigid than they have like a semi-rigid, semi-hard quality to them versus a silicone. They are not quite as flexible. They don’t have as soft of a touch. They usually have a gloss to them with a slight tap for added grip, but these pistol cases are another great option to use for your LG Revolution. These Revolution silicone cases that come in the crystal silicone variety, we have them in different styles, different colors. We have them in the argyle pattern and smoked, clear, blue, hot pink and purple then of course we have the crystal silicone up here and your standard black. Again, all of these cases offer a good level of protection for not a whole lot of money upfront and a great way to protect your smart phone investment. So Revolution silicone cases, this is the page. Thank you guys for checking it out with me, if you have any other questions you can always contact us. We have our contact info up here. My name is Dark Knight Geek and once again I thank you for taking a tour of the Revolution silicone cases page and remember you got it from a geek!111018 Revolution Silicone Case