Skins for LG Spectrum

A LG Spectrum skin is not only going to make your phone look like a snazzy dresser, it’s going to give it amazing shock absorbing abilities! Just like a superhero in uniform, a LG Spectrum skin is going to not only fit snuggly on your phone, but give it the power to withstand drops, scrapes, and scratches! And if that wasn’t enough, we’re selling these LG Spectrum skins at blowout prices and offering free shipping on every order!Soak up those damaging shockwaves like some sort of freaky sponge with a LG Spectrum skin! Shockwaves occur when your phone impacts any surface with a lot of force. The impact may leave only superficial marks on the outside of your phone, but if you haven’t got a LG Spectrum skin on, the major damage can be inside. The waves can travel right through the phone and damage the sensitive internal parts of the phone, rendering it as useful as an air conditioner during the Ice Age. So keep your phone from going down the path of no return and wrap it up in a LG Spectrum skin. And don’t even worry about getting this protection for a fortune, because we Geeks always offer low prices and free shipping! Just let everyone know that you got it from a Geek!