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Purchase Casio g'Zone Commando cases today at blowout prices! Protective cases for your cell phone is a critical part of making sure your phone will be sheltered from the daily abuse of everyday use. With the extensive selection of Casio g'Zone Commando cases at AccessoryGeeks, it will be a cinch to find the best Casio g'Zone Commando case to fit your lifestyle and your personality! CASIO G’Zone Commando Plastic Case Buyer's Guide Hey guys, this is Mario from and welcome to Casio g'Zone Commando plastic cover section. Over here you can see we have several different selections of the hard plastic covers for the Casio g'Zone Commando. We don't have a lot yet but we will for sure have a lot more soon because this phone is actually pretty new. The whole purpose of having a cover is to protect your phone. These are relatively cheap starting from $11 all the way up to sometimes $15 to $20. Right now the ones that we have are up to $13. They protect your phone so whenever you accidentally drop them or scratch them it's not going to hurt your phone but it's actually going to hurt the case instead. And since they are relatively cheap you can always buy some more because the way that I like to think of it is these are the clothes for your phone so you can always change them daily. So if you're looking for more cases for your Casio g'Zone Commando please come back to This is Mario You got it from a geek! CASIO G’Zone Commando Accessories