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Motorola Mobile Phone Tools 5.0 (SOFTWARE ONLY)


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Quick Overview

Please note: Software is
non-refundable once opened

Motorola Phone Tools features

Synchronize your Outlook

  • Synchronize your address book, calendar and tasks
  • Integrated with Outlook, Outlook Express, MS Exchange and Lotus Notes
  • Your contacts are automatically converted to the correct format for your
  • Back up your phone contacts on your PC; just upload them when you change to
    a new cell phone.

      Get Connected to the Internet via your cell

      • Use your cell phone as a modem; get online via GSM, GPRS or UMTS connection
      • Surf on the Web & manage your emails via your cell phone
      • mobile PhoneTools includes all major mobile phone operator connection
        parameters and automatically sets them up.
      • Send SMS and MMS messages conveniently from your laptop. Use contact groups,
        priority and return receipt just as you would with normal email.
      • Send and receive emails: Download email titles, choose what messages you
        want and save money on your GPRS or UMTS connections.
      • Send faxes using your cell phone as a modem - use predefined cover pages,
        and recipient groups
      • Manage SMS, emails and fax all in a single interface
      • Send multimedia messages (MMS) with images, sound and text

      Create your own ringtones and wallpapers for your

      • Create your own ringtones from CDs and MP3s
      • Make wallpaper and screensavers from your photos
      • Create and edit mobile videos for your cell phone

      Use the multimedia capabilities of your

      • Download photos and mobile videos from your phone and back them up on your
      • Manage your cell phone media on your PC; get rid of files cluttering up your
      • Make your phone a music library; bring your favorite MP3s with you.

      Connect Wirelessly with Bluetooth*

      • If you have a phone with Bluetooth, you can connect your phone to your PC
        wirelessly with Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth connection requires a
        Bluetooth compatible PC.


      • *Product can't be returned after software has been opened

      • System Requirements

        • Windows?? 2000, XP (not compatible with Wi"ows 7), or Vista Operating Systems

        • Pentium II 233MHz or higher CPU 

        • 64MB RAM under Winows 2000 and XP

        • 120MB Free Hard Drive Disk Space under Vista

        • Local Hard Drive with 120 MB free space

        • A USB cable or Bluetooth on your PC if you wish to connect wirelessly

        • Motorola Mobile phone compatible with Motorola Phone To

      Motorola Mobile Phone Tools 5.0 (SOFTWARE ONLY)

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      • Motorola Mobile Phone Tools 5.0 (SOFTWARE ONLY)
      • Motorola Mobile Phone Tools 5.0 (SOFTWARE ONLY)
      • Motorola Mobile Phone Tools 5.0 (SOFTWARE ONLY)
      • Motorola Mobile Phone Tools 5.0 (SOFTWARE ONLY)
      • Motorola Mobile Phone Tools 5.0 (SOFTWARE ONLY)
      • Motorola Mobile Phone Tools 5.0 (SOFTWARE ONLY)
      • Free Shipping to US & Canada
      • Best Price Guaranteed
      • 90 Days No Hassle Return

      Features & Highlights

      Why you should buy this product

      Motorola Phone Tools creates unlimited communication possibilities by synchronizing your cell phone with your PC and allowing you to exploit the most powerful features of your phone: Connect your cell phone to your laptop and get Internet access via cellular networks when there are no WiFi options available. Synchronize your PC and cell phone contacts in Outlook. Send SMS messages directly from your laptop. Create your own ringtones, wallpaper and MMS slide shows and transfer them to your cell phone. Buy it today and get the most out of your cell phone!

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