Skins for Motorola Photon

Get a grip, and purchase a Motorola Photon skin today! The search for the lightest and most flexible form of protection is over, with a Photon silicone case from the geeks! Be sure the reduce the absurd possibility of dropping your new phone with silicone Photon skins. The flexible nature of the silicone skins allows for easy application and removal, allowing for easy customization and protection. Find the right Motorola Photon skin here at AccessoryGeeks.With a truly unique design, the Motorola Photon is truly a smartphone unlike any other. A nearly octagonal shape makes it stand out from a crowd. For an owner who is enamored by the shape and design, the last thing they want to do is cover the phone to the point where it is indistinguishable. That’s where a Motorola Photon skin comes in. With a malleable construction, Photon skins easily slip onto the phone, and retain the soon to be signature octagonal design. The same goes for the crystal photon silicone case. Though a bit thicker than the traditional silicone case, the crystal silicone cases provide increased shock absorption and protection, while retaining the original form factor. Along with the protection the crystal silicone photon skins are available in an attractive argyle design. They are also lightly transparent, allowing for a unique visual effect that is not seen in other Photon skins. The transparent flavor is always a customer favorite, with the transparent crystal silicone Motorola photon skin poised to follow this trend. Returning to the protection aspects, a Photon silicone case offers some unique protection due to the characteristics of silicone. The soft rubbery build of these cases ensures that shock is absorbed, reducing the risk of cracks to the phone’s body. This also allows the case itself to be more durable than some plastic cases. Silicone Photon skins can be scratched and not exhibit the same damage as certain plastic cases. This is due to the composition of the silicone, allowing it to be resistant to some scratches. Also, a Motorola Photon skin will be easy to remove, if you need to clean the phone or if you just want to change things up. Overall the benefits of a Motorola Photon skin are that it increases the grip of the phone’s surface, is scratch resistant, and adds shock absorption qualities. While you can risk going naked with your phone, the risks are not nearly worth the reward. Get a Motorola Photon skin today and stay protected! Photon Skins Buyer's Guide Hey guys, this is Mario from and welcome to the Motorola Photon skin section. Over here you can see we have a lot of different selections for the Motorola Photon skins. It all comes in different colors and different materials like these ones over here are the crystal silicon cases. These are a little bit thicker, more like a hybrid of a plastic cover and a silicon skin. While the ones over here they are plain silicon skins. They are more rubberized and more flimsy but it does give that rubbery feel so when you hold it it does not slip out of your hand. We do update these sections on a daily basis. We carry over 20,000 different items for over a thousand different cell phones so make sure you go check with us daily. We also have coupons and sales on a daily basis so it's always a good thing to look for those coupons. If you have any more questions regarding the Motorola Photon skins make sure you go check it out - I mean call us at 1-866-GEEKS-93 or you can always just contact us through email, Facebook, or LiveChat. Our hours are Mondays to Fridays from 8 am to 4 pm Pacific Time. This is Mario You got it from a geek!111006 Photon Silicone Case