Motorola Xoom Chargers

Purchase an extra Motorola charger to bring along with you to your destinations! If you are the type of person to travel a lot, and you are afraid of always forgetting your charger, a Motorola charger is the perfect companion for you on your trips! Travel Motorola XOOM chargers at AccessoryGeeks are compact, and they will not take up much space in your luggage. By having a travel Motorola charger always stored in your luggage, you will have one less thing on your check list! Motorola XOOM Chargers Buyer's Guide Hey guys, this is Mario from and welcome to Motorola Xoom charger section. As you can see over here we have a lot of different varieties of chargers. Please don't be confused because you can actually buy any brand, any charger of any brand as long as it says "micro USB" on it. So for example over here we have the Motorola chargers. These will work well with the Motorola Xoom because it is made by Motorola. But also these ones over here like the Sony Ericsson, Cellit, Luxmo, and Powermat they will work with your Motorola Xoom as well so don't be scared that you bought the wrong thing because sometimes these are off branded ones are cheaper than the Motorola ones but they work exactly the same way. So if you're looking for an extra charger or an emergency charger for your car or an extra one for the office please make sure you go to This is Mario You got it from a geek! Motorola XOOM Accessories