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Do not waste any more time transferring files the old school way, try a Nokia USB cable today! Nokia data cables are easy to use, just plug-in and start moving your files where ever you want. The Nokia data cable is compact for easy storage. Keep all your files organized using this USB Nokia data cable. What are Nokia data cables you ask? Nokia data cables are the missing link between your cellular phone and your computer. Transferring files just got a whole lot simpler when using the Nokia data cable. The Nokia data cables are a quick and efficient way of transferring files, but the files also stay well organized throughout the whole process. Our USB Nokia data cable is none other than one of the top brands on the market. Find your Nokia USB cable @ AccessoryGeeks to transfer your files. Ever needed to transfer some data over from your laptop to your PC? Create some room for comfort in your daily lives and transfer your files almost instantly! Our Nokia data cables are easy to use and have fast results. Our data cables also have a robot design HUB for great decoration for your home or office (sold separately). These USB ports are used to split one regular USB ports into four. Last but not least, you can actually use this Nokia USB cable as a charger! Once connected to your computer, the computer acts like a power source and the USB Nokia data cable acts like a charger. You can feel relieved knowing that your phone is fully charged while you are transferring data. The Geeks here at AccessoryGeeks care about our customers; if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us @ 1-866-433-5793 Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm PST. Cell Phone Nokia Data Cables Buyer's Guide Hey guys camera geeks here from showing you today the Nokia cell phone data cables page here on our website. Now let's see you have your Nokia phone and a personal computer either Mac or PC and possible even Linux. And you want to transfer some files from your cell phone to your computer. Or vice versa. Well look down further from this page if your phone is a Nokia phone. Because we got you covered. What you gonna wanna do is either look for the phone via the (oops I click a link by accident) you gonna wanna look for your phone via the photo, the link right there below the photo which has been the name of the phone, or you can always use the drop down menu and find the name of the phone. Further down below are the prior releases for older phones. Let's say you wanna get some photos of an old phone and on to your computer well you can do that. You know if you have any more questions about the data cables for Nokia phones or about any accessories that we have here at Please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1866-Geeks-93 or you can always contact us via live chat, Facebook, Or Email. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm pacific standard time. And as a reminder there is always a free Shipping to Us and Canada. This has been camera geeks guys. And remember you got from the geek.121911 Nokia

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