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Playboy Bunny Licensed Cubic Phone Charm / Strap - Pink

Was: $ 19.99
Geek's Sale Price: $ 14.99


Personalize and accessorizeyour cell phone with this unique charm!

Playboy Bunny Licensed Cubic Phone Charm / Strap - Pink

Accessorize your cell phone with this authentic Playboy cell phonecharm. This sparkling Playboy Bunny charm is suitable for any phone or device with a charm loop.


  • Authentic Licensed Playboy Accessory
  • Sparkling metal Playboy bunny with embedded gems
  • Durable metal construction
  • Universal mobile phone charm
  • Color: Metal charm with Pink Gems
  • Share this phone charm with your friends and family
  • Use this charm with all types of gadgets from cell phones, mp3 players, iPodsand more that include a charm loop.
  • Don't have a Charm Loop? Buy one Here

Don't have an O-ring charm loop?  CLICKHERE

Cell phone Charm / Strap Installation Tip

  1. The charm or strap will have a small thin cord. Pinch the thin cord section and thread it through the cell phone strap hole (picture 1)
  2. It is easier for you to use a sharp pin to get the thin cord through the cell phone hole (picture 2)
  3. Take the charm and feed it through the loop of the thin cord (picture 3)
  4. Pull the charm all the way through to tighten it (picture 4)

    Playboy Bunny Licensed Cubic Phone Charm / Strap - Pink Specification

    • Type: CHARM
    • Subtype: STRAP
    • Color:
    • Manufacturer:
    • Compatibility: playboy, bunny

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