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Samsung Contour R250 Accessories

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Strong & durable Samsung Contour cell phone accessories can be found here and now @ AccessoryGeeks. Browse through an awesome selection of Samsung Contour accessories ranging in colors, shapes, & sizes. These accessories for the Samsung Contour will provide great protection, style, & increase productivity.

So what's going on with the Samsung Contour? This small sized clamshell phone weighs in at 3.80oz (108g) and measures 3.75 x 1.88 x 0.70 (95 x 48 x 18 mm). The main TFT display is 2in and comes loaded with a camera & internet browsing capabilities. You'll need a microUSB charger for this phone and for all of cell phone accessory lovers out there, this phone also has Bluetooth capabilities.

Geek's approved accessories for Samsung Contour R250

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Most flip phones are durable; however, they are not perfect. It's always good to have some reassurance for the safety of your precious phone. Reinforce your mobile devices safety by beefing it up with the a Samsung case. This economic style phone grabs lots of attention for many different reasons. It has a bright red cover with a built-in VGA camera & Bluetooth capabilities. This phone also has a slim/sleek design. Samsung Contour cell phone accessories will make a great addition to this phone, matching its comfort-fitting architecture. Purchase your Samsung Contour accessories to keep your phone in good shape for ages. Your mobile device has been good to you, right? It has allowed you to surf the web, stay connected to the world, & has entertained you for hours. Give back to your phone with the Samsung Contour cell phone accessories from AccessoryGeeks. Your phone will be ecstatic to receive such amazing gifts like the Samsung Contour cell phone accessories and remember. You got it from A Geek! The Geeks want to make sure that we have got your phone covered, front to back. Be sure to check out all of our other amazing cell phone accessories now! Cell Phone Batteries | Cell Phone Headsets | Cell Phone Screen Protectors | Cell Phone Chargers | Cell Phone Antenna| Cell Phone Cases
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