Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Hey guys! Guess whoooo? If you guessed the Geeks from then you are absolutely correct! You've probably got the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active phone if you're reading this page right now, but if you do NOT have the Samsung Galaxy S4 ACTIVE phone, please go to the correct section for your Samsung Galaxy! This is very important when purchasing cases for your phone because the sizes are different, however, when looking at them side by side it will be very hard to tell the difference. But the difference is just enough for cases to not fit the phone. Don't ask me why these carriers name their phones so dang similar either because I'm wondering the same thing. However, we do try to make it as clear as possible by providing the picture of the phone along with the name of the phone stated clearly at the top of this page along with the compatibility section stating the proper phone model (for future reference). Anyway, let's talk about some cases, shall we? For the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active we have hundreds of cases to choose from. We carry huge popular brand names cases so you can come to as a one stop shop to cut out the inconvenience of hopping to a few different websites to purchase a few cases. We also carry the popular and trendy wallet diary/folio cases for the Galaxy S4 Active along with the professional looking heavy duty cases with holster clip for quick access for those important calls and e-mails. For the ladies, we have our always popular shiny bling gem plastic cases with leopard and bow designs that are very cute and more!!! A little overwhelming, I know, but we try to bring in a lot of choices for everyone to choose from because I know not all geeks are the same. For me, personally, I really like bright & shiny bling cases and the color mint & gold. I'm obsessed, so I'm really glad our Purchasing team is aware of the current trends to bring these items in. They are doing a great job, don't you think?! We're not just geeks here, but hip trendy geeks, too (at least I'd like to think we are). We've got different grades of protection and a price range that will have you saying "No way!". As far as protection, though, if you have the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, you know that it's already waterproof and dust proof which gives you peace of mind. So you might just be looking for something really cute and colorful or just a regular solid color to be able to tell your phone apart from others'. No need to worry about removing the case to charge your phone or take pictures or video. All of our cases have specific cut-outs for all the charging ports, headphone jacks, and some of the cases will even cover your side buttons! It really depends on the brand and type of case you're looking for. I know you guys are probably getting really anxious at this point to start shopping for cases for your Galaxy S4 Active, so I'll let you get to it! Have fun and remember you GOT IT FROM A GEEK!