Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Headphones

Samsung Galaxy S4 headphones and headsets are becoming more and more popular, especially with all these "Don't Text & Drive" campaigns nowadays along with the harsh penalties for talking on the phone while driving as well. It's your friends here at, here to give you tips and info on what types of headphones and headsets we carry for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active phone. Since Bluetooth headsets can be a little more on the pricey side, it might not be worth it to spend that much money if you're just needing it for the short drive home or to work. Headsets and headphones tend to be less expensive and are a really good investment. The Galaxy S4 Active headsets last a long time and can even double as headphones if you want to watch movies on your Netflix or listen to music during your breaks during work or school. Maybe you're just the handsfree type of person or are worried about radiation. Just another reason why Galaxy S4 Active earbuds would be a perfect alternative. Again, they're really affordable and are less of a headache and stress than getting a ticket for texting or talking while driving! So avoid the extra headache, and instead spend a little on a piece of mind by getting a headset or earbud for yourself. We have S4 Active mono (one earbud) and S4 Active stereo headsets (both earbuds) and have a variety of different quality of sounds of headsets and headphones and even different brand names. So take your pick and remember you...GOT IT FROM A GEEK!