Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

Our lines of Samsung Galaxy S4 cases are seriously cool, unless you get whimsical with our penguins and polka dot patterns. We’ve got high-technology phone cases with hard shells or soft silicone covers, or enhanced plastics and silicone. We’ve got cases with built-in stands, too. We have dozens of Galaxy S4 cases in a range of sophisticated to crazy colors and designs. We carry lots of sleek, understated looks, and also Galaxy S4 covers with bling, zebra stripes, hot pink pigs and faux leather. Our hard shell case over black silicone gives you two layers of protection, with a moisture-resistant silicone shell embedded inside a hard polycarbonate outer shell. It’s molded to fit your S4, and the design gives you added grip for extra protection. It’s custom-cut to give you access to all buttons, ports and speakers. Plus, you get a built-in smartphone stand. Our exclusive cell line anti-slip TPU crystal silicone case with free screen protector is designed just for your Samsung Galaxy S4. This case in sky blue and other cool colors is made of a special TPU crystal silicone material that’s strong enough to resist scratches, but soft enough to wrap around your phone. The anti-slip finish helps prevent it from slipping off flat surfaces. Plus, there’s that free screen protector calling your name. Our clear S design crystal silicone case with kickstand for your S4, with a splash of purple, is a marriage of soft silicone and tougher elements to create a reinforced silicone that’s strong, yet flexible to protect your device from dings, dust and other smartphone disasters. It conforms to your phone, but it’s not as stretchy as standard silicone cases. The look is almost translucent, and this case comes with a foldout kickstand. We also carry the rugged Trident Black Cyclops series of thermo poly elastomer hard cases with built-in screen protectors for your S4. Thermo poly elastomer is more impact-resistant and shock absorbing than many other cases, and it’s ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. This Trident also comes with a screen protector that’s anti-scratch, anti-glare and anti-moisture. A clear, durable film protects your camera lens and logo opening. Multiple coats of a rubberized finish give this tough case a velvety feel. You can customize your Samsung Galaxy S4, too. Just select a photo from your computer or social media account and upload it. We offered advanced 3D printing embedded onto the impact-resistant case surface. The printed images cover the entire case, including sides. Upload your file as a .jpg, .png or .gif file. The maximum file size upload is 3 megabytes. Shop Accessory Geeks for all your smartphone extras.