Samsung Galaxy S4 Silicone Cases / Skins

Hi guys, we are the Geeks here with, again, bringing you the buyer’s guide for the Samsung Galaxy S4 skins which might be better known as rubber silicone cases or crystal TPU skin cases. As I just mentioned, there are two different type of . We often get questions about what the difference between the two, are and here's the answer. The rubber silicone skins tend to be a lot more flexible and a little bit sticky, but not in a weird way, but rather a way to help you with better grip. It might help people with sweaty palms or if you're just the type of person doesn't like your phone sliding all over the place this is the type of case that might help or best suit you. One thing you might experience with a rubber silicone skin case is that when you put the phone with the case on your pocket, and you try to remove the phone from your pocket, you will find that at most times your pocket will flip inside out which can be kind of annoying. However, if you put the phone inside your purse or backpack or briefcase, it might not be a problem. If you DO put your phone in your pockets most of the time, then you may want to consider getting a crystal TPU silicone skin for the Samsung Galaxy S4. This case is made of TPU which stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethane and gives the case a much more glossy, smooth and sleek look. It does provide a somewhat “rubbery-ness” to help with better grip, but because of its smooth finish, it won’t flip your pocket inside out nor will it slide all over your desk or smooth surfaces. These Galaxy S4 rubber and crystal silicone cases will, most of the time, be available in wide selection of solid colors or 2 tone colors, but patterns and designs might be hard to come across since it’s hard to print on this material. We carry all types, however, that look like the shape of pandas, penguins, owls, pigs, and monkeys for the animal lovers that you are or know, and carry other ones with old school games built on the back that’s offered by PureGear. Because of the rubber and TPU crystal silicone material, it fits your Galaxy smart phone like a glove and offers all the cut-outs to the headphone jack and charging port while keeping your side button controls covered and dust-free. I know the choices are pretty tough already, so I’ll let you guys get to it. Enjoy shopping on our site! Bye for now, and remember you GOT IT FROM A GEEK!