Samsung Infuse 4G Screen Protectors

Protect your awe inspiring screen with an Infuse screen protector. With a truly gargantuan 4.5inch display, the Samsung Infuse’s display is its most prized asset. Keep your screen free from scratches with a Samsung Infuse screen protector. Shop now to browse our incredible selection of Infuse screen protectors.It is pretty much impossible to talk about the Samsung Infuse without mentioning the screen. As has been discussed nearly at ad-nauseaum, the screen is the point of emphasis with this phone. At 4.5 inches with a Super AMOLED Plus display at 480 x 800 resolution the Infuse has one of the top tier displays on the cell phone market. When showing friends, family or even strangers, the first thing they will say is how huge/gorgeous the display is. To keep the compliments rolling in, the display needs to stay pristine. To combat the elements, an Infuse screen protector can be used to maintain the luster of the massive display We offer Infuse screen protectors that offer great protection as well as added features. To start, we have the standard Samsung Infuse screen protector. This will provided edge to edge protection while retaining a crystal clear view of the screen. For those who are outdoors a lot, or who simply don’t like the high gloss finish of the display we offer the Anti-glare Samsung Infuse screen protector. This is a great way to cut down the annoying glare from fluorescent lights and reduce the mirror effect that always occurs in bright rooms. This Infuse screen protector does slightly affect the appearance of the screen. Due to the anti-refelctive coating, the appearance is not the same as the clear Infuse screen protector. Everything is still completely legible, it is just that the brightness does seem to be lower due to the anti reflective coating. Finally we have an anti-gloss Samsung Infuse screen protector. This is a newer type of screen protector. A common complaint of touchscreen phones is how easily fingerprints and smudges accumulate on the screen. With the anti-gloss screen protector, the screen is now resistant to these blemishes. Cleaning is still necessary, but with the anti gloss infuse screen protector the frequency for cleaning will be reduced. At accessory geeks, you will always receive free shipping on your order. Shop now and find the Samsung Infuse screen protector to keep your incredible screen scratch free and perfect. Infuse Screen Protector Buyer's Guide Hey guys, this is Mario from and welcome to the Samsung Infuse screen protector section. Over here you can see we have a lot of different varieties of screen protectors for the Samsung Infuse. In particular we have the anti-glare screen protectors and the anti-gloss and also the premium ones, the regular transparent Samsung Infuse screen protectors. The whole purpose of a screen protector is to actually protect the screen of your phone - the name really implies it. It is a good thing to always buy a screen protector because you spend a lot of money to buy your cell phone, even though it says after contract at the end of the contract you realize you actually spent money to buy the cell phone itself. Having these screen protectors helps your cell phone - the screen from getting scratched or whenever you bumped it into like a hard object it's not going to crack as much as if you actually have it without it. So it is always a good thing to have a screen protector. If you have any more questions regarding the Infuse screen protector make sure you go call us at 1-866-GEEKS-93 or you can always contact us through LiveChat, email, or Facebook. Our hours are from Monday to Friday form 8am to 4 o'clock in the afternoon Pacific Time. This is Mario you got it from a geek!111011 Infuse Screen Protectors