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Samsung Sidekick 4G Accessories

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Find the right Sidekick 4G accessories for you at Accessorygeeks.com. We have the best T-Mobile Sidekick 4G accessories that will perfectly compliment your Sidekick. All of our accessories for Sidekick 4G ship for free, so shop today at Accessory Geeks and save!

So what are the details everyone should know about this phone? We're glad you asked.
The Samsung Sidekick 4G is 127.00 61.00 15.20 and weighs 0.36. The T-Mobile Sidekick 4G is equipped with A2DP Bluetooth and can hold a MICROSD 32 GB.

Geek's approved accessories for Samsung Sidekick 4G

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The Sidekick 4G is a rebirth of the once venerable Sidekick line of phones. The original Sidekicks were messaging champions, allowing their users not only the ability to text their friends, but to use instant messaging clients as well. As smartphones have grown in popularity, the need for a phone dedicated to messaging has diminished. Seeing this, T-Mobile tweaked the Sidekick and evolved it into its next form, a feature packed qwerty android smartphone. The T-Mobile Sidekick 4G was the end result, an Android phone in a Sidekick's body. Here at Accessory Geeks, we have the a wide variety of Sidekick 4G accessories for your device. Even with the Sidekick's unique sliding mechanism, all our cases and accessories are sure to be a perfect fit. Our cases are all cut out to the exact dimensions of the Sidekick 4G, ensuring that the sliding mechanism is not hindered. Cases also allow you to really display your style, with different designs and colors. We also have power options such as batteries and chargers. These Sidekick 4G accessories will let you message away without worrying about running out of juice. Another popular Sidekick 4G accessories category is screen protectors. With the new touchscreen capabilities and Android, your Sidekick's screen will be under constant pressure. To avoid any nasty nicks or scratches, a Sidekick 4G screen protector will ensure that your screen stays smooth and clear. We also have many other Sidekick 4G accessories, such as holders, car mounts, Bluetooth headsets, memory cards, and much more. We are sure that no matter what you are looking for, we will have the right T-Mobile Sidekick 4G accessories. Shop all our Sidekick 4G Accessories today and receive free shipping!
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