Sanyo VI-2300 Accessories

Save on all of our Sprint SANYO VI-2300 accessories including our SANYO VI-2300 blue tooth headset, SANYO VI-2300 blue tooth stereo headset, SANYO VI-2300 cell phone holder, antenna charm, neck strap and screen protector. Make wireless calls with our SANYO VI-2300 blue tooth headset. At work, home and in your car you'll find our SANYO VI-2300 desk holder and SANYO VI-2300 car cell phone holder very convenient. We carry a huge selection of SANYO VI-2300 charms and straps to display your personality and interests. The screen is the window into your phone so keep it scratch-free and protected with our SANYO VI-2300 screen protector.
This cellphone's dimensions 3.35" x 1.85" x 1.05" (85 x 47 x 27 mm) (CDMA Technology) This phone is carried by Sprint.