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Silicone Cases / Skins

Hey guys, Christian here with accessorygeeks.com this time going over our unique list of silicon cases that we have available for all different types of phones. As you can see here we do carry silicon cases for a lot of different manufacturers. I just want to go over a couple of the items that we have, the basic types of silicon cases that we have. We mainly have two types.

One is our standard silicon case which is a gummy silicon case. It's the standard case you see - very rubberlike, it fits on the phone nice and snug there, offers a lot of shock protection your phone, and it comes in nice colors and designs and stuff like that. It's definitely good if you just want a simple case you can exchange, pull it off and put a new one on. The second type we have is a crystal silicon case which is my personal favorite. This kind of case here works as a silicon case and a hard case mixed together essentially. So it's a thicker version silicon case. It usually comes with a pattern on it like an Argyle design or something like that and it's just the same kind of case for shock protection, just a little bit thicker. It's easy to take on and off. It's not as gummy. And it's also non-slip so you can kind of put in on your table there and if you hit it, you knock it off, it doesn't slide very far as opposed to normal cases nowadays like plastic cases or just having your phone by itself it will just slide across the table, fall into the ground, shatter - and we wouldn't want that. So that's a general idea of our silicon cases available for all types of phones and models. You can take a look here at accessorygeeks.com to find them. And remember - you got it from a geek.