Trident Case

Can you think of a company who in the past three years has: launched its business, manufactured on a global level, made charitable donations to more than 5 communities, enforced eco-safe procedures, and provided multiple solutions to the ever-evolving technology industry? The Geeks can, and it’s for one of our personal favorites—Trident. Trident doesn’t just provide case, music and mounting accessories, but also does it in style. With bio-enhanced plastic based materials, Trident’s products are compostable. Compared to other plastics that degrade into toxic byproducts in 500 to 1000 years, these bio-enhanced plastics degrade into carbon dioxide, water and methane in just 25 years! This reduces the carbon footprint in an environmentally friendly way, thus slowing down the rate of ozone deterioration and global warming. By investing in Trident products, not only are you getting the most innovative and functional solutions for your mobile devices, but you’re also opening up a safer environment for our future generations. Devoting time, energy and money for our progeny isn’t something new for Trident. With strong roots in the education community, the company has donated its own cases as well as iPads to those who need them the most. The Loud Mommy organization, for example, raises money to supply iPads to families with children who are non-verbal, autistic or apraxic, for which, Trident has made generous donations to ensure the assisted education of these important and often underestimated children. This all sounds great, right? It gets even more impressive. Not only has Trident grown into an industry giant and revolutionized the case industry, it does it while creating more jobs in the United States. Operating mainly from Chino, California, Trident has projected it will create more than 40 jobs in 2013. Have confidence that the money you spend goes towards helping the U.S. economy by sticking with Trident, just like us! You (and your children’s children) will be thankful that you did!

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