About Turtleback™

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Your phone is like an address book, iPod, pager, alarm, and watch combined into one palm sized device. Imagine the chaos that would follow a day without your phone. Go ahead, we’ll wait. For those of you rebels who decided to skip that little interactive exercise, being without a phone is unbearable to most people in today’s technology era. Phones are such an integral part of our lives that a whopping 83% of people sleep with their cell phones right next to their bed!

As you (may have) envisioned, a day without your phone would be, simply put, HELL. So let us help you avoid that potential personal apocalypse because we know exactly what it feels like. AccessoryGeeks strives to provide durable and affordable solutions to daily dangers that your phone will encounter so you can keep it by your side every day. That’s why we suggest Turtleback. Just like how a turtle’s back protects it from harm, Turtleback protects your phone.

With over 20 years of experience, Turtleback is one of the leading manufacturers of premium leather goods. And since everything is handmade, 20 years means they’ve stitched enough products to circle the earth more than 10 times! Turtleback offers their fitted cases in either ballistic nylon or genuine leather. Both are fire, puncture and tear resistant so your phone will be well protected against anything nature throws at it. Even better, these cases are designed and handmade in the U.S., so you know it’s built to endure!

We challenge you to test your Turtleback case’s durability and functionality. Throw it in the fire, fire a shotgun at it, or use a high powered water hose on it (without your phone inside). We want to see what you can do to a case and how Turtleback stands up to the tests.