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DICAPac WP-P10 Waterproof Sony PSP Case w/ Silicone Earplugs

Was: $ 39.99
Geek's Sale Price: $ 29.99


Waterproof your personal belongings in the DICAPac WP-P10 Waterproof Case!
NEW 2010 Dicpac Waterproof Digital Camera Case Catalog

The DiCAPac WP-P10 is an all-weather vinyl case for mULtipurpose use and 100% waterproof up to 16 feet (5 meters) deep! Constructed from thick, high-grade vinyl with a super clear window for using your PDA cell phone, digital camera, or simply use it to store items for protection from water and dirt. The DiCAPac waterproof case is designed to keep your things moisture-free in almost any environment. The patented "Roll & Velcro" zipper closure system provides two levels of protection to keep your case completely watertight, while the clear window and flexible material allows you to maintain complete control over your phone or camera's functions. The DiCAPac is extremely lightweight and can be tucked away in a pocket or small bag, making it by far the most convenient option for complete all-weather protection for your digital camera, not to mention the most affordable.

Meets Standard Requirements for Japans JIS IPX8 test

All of DICAPac’s products have passed Japan’s rigorous JIS IPX8 test and are all waterproof products of grade 8 (the highest grade).

Grade 8: protected against submersion (DiCAPac)
Grade 7: protected against the effects of immersion for 30 min
Grade 6: protected against heavy seas for 30 min at 3m
Grade 5: protected against water jets for 3 min at 3m
Grade 4: protected against splashing water for 10 min at 300-600mm 
Grade 3: protected against spraying water for 10 min at 200mm 
Grade 2: protected against dripping water when tilted up to 15 degrees for 10 min at 200mm 
Grade 1: protected against dripping water for 10 min at 200mm 

DICAPac WP-P10 Waterproof Case features

  • Guaranteed 100% waterproof performance for up to 16ft (5m) depth
  • Flexible case for convenient Sony PSP usage
  • FULl music functionality
  • Reliable double seal closing system with waterproof zipper and Roll & Velcro closure
  • Protection from water, dust, sand & snow
  • Perfect for the swimming, surfing, kayaking, snowboarding, bathing, rafting, wakeboarding and more!
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Made of thick, heavy duty vinyl material
  • Includes neck lanyard and silicone earplugs
  • Passed Japan’s rigorous JIS IPX8 test and are all waterproof products of grade 8 (the highest grade)
  • Fit perfectly for the Sony PSP
  • Click here to find compatibilities
  • DICAPac Part #: WP-P10
  • **Phone or Device, if pictured; is NOT INCLUDED, this is an accessory compatible with your device
  • **Includes a small packet of silica gels to help remove humidity while in use underwater
  • *Does not fit a PSP-GO
  • Devices used with DiCAPac products, within DiCAPac's specifications, are insured against failure by Meritz Fire & Marine Insurance Co. world wide up to $10,000.00

    ***Disclaimer: For returns due to manufacturer defects, please contact Dicapac USA customer service at their Toll Free number : 1-877-332-2220 or email them at rma@DiCAPacUSA.com or more information online please go to DicapacUSA Website For any returns due to manufacturer defects, products need to be in original shipped condition (not cut up, etc).

    DICAPac WP-P10 Waterproof Sony PSP Case w/ Silicone Earplugs

    DICAPac WP-P10 Waterproof Sony PSP Case w/ Silicone Earplugs Specification

    • SKU: WP-P10
    • Type: Pouch
    • Subtype: Waterproof
    • Color: Black,Clear
    • Manufacturer: Sony
    • Compatibility: WP-P10

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