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Whole Flower Antenna Ring - pink

Was: $ 17.99
Geek's Sale Price: $ 4.50


Glamorize your gadgets with a Whole Flower Antenna Ring!

Did you always wanted to find someway to make your phone stand out but without making any drastic changes? Don't you wish that everything was like Superman? He can just put on a pair of glasses and become 2 different kind of person? Decorate your mobile phone with this Whole Flower Antenna Ring! This sparkling glamorous antenna ring is universal and suitable with cell phones with antennas, pens, and more! You can use this cubic antenna ring for anything and dazzle everyone else with it!

Whole Flower Antenna Ring features

  • Sparkling Gems on Antenna Ring
  • Decorative and Fashionable
  • Quick and Easy Change for Your Cell Phone
  • Universal Mobile Phone Antenna Ring
  • Clear Band is stretchable to fit most antennas
  • Design / Color: pink
  • Don't have a Charm Loop? Buy one Here

Important Disclosures
*Use this antenna with all types of gadgets!

Cellphone Antenna Ring Installation Tip

  1. The antenna ring will have a small stretchable ring. Stretch the clear elastic band and place it around your antenna.
  2. Pull the antenna ring down to the place that you are comfortable with.


Whole Flower Antenna Ring - pink

Whole Flower Antenna Ring - pink Specification

  • Type: CHARM
  • Subtype: ANTENNA RING
  • Color: teal
  • Manufacturer:
  • Compatibility: flower

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